Fundamental of C

Steps of learning C

Steps of learning English

Alphabets => Words => Sentence => Paragraph

Steps of learning C language

Character Set => Keywords/ Constant/ Variable => Instruction => Program

Character Set

  1. The allowed set of characters is called the character set.
  2. C character set consists of the following characters.
AlphabetsA - Z, a - z
Digits0 - 9
White SpacesSpaces, tabs, newlines, etc.
Special Symbols+, -, *, /, %, _; and many more discussed as needed.

Keywords in C

Keywords are some words, which meaning is already reserved by the compiler. So these words are also called reserved words.

In C, there are 32 keywords as listed below.


Constant and Variable

  • y=x+5. See the expression carefully.
  • It is clear that if we change the value of x the value of y is also changed but the 5 remains the same every time.
  • So x and y are the variables but 5 is a constant.

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